Mid-Best Podcast
#15 Nicholas Bohac

Zach sits down with his old friend Nicholas Bohac, a visual artist who currently resides in San Fransisco. Check out his work currently on display at The Fluxx Gallery in Des Moines or at http://nicholasbohac.com/

#14 Bent Life

Zach is back in the studio with DJ Eric! They sit down with Bent Life a Nebraska Hardcore band. They talk punk rock, house shows and getting detained by the border patrol. Whimsy afoot! 

#13 Badland Girls

Badland Girls are a pair of ladies who love the odd, obscure, and artistic. They talk about movies, books, TV, and other fodder on thier podcast of the same name.  We talk mostly about movies and junk culture. A good time for sure. 

Explosivo! #6

After working out some mechanical errors that prevented an Explosivo from being released there is finally a new Explosivo up, and it is a doozy!  It features our pal from L.A. David Venhuizen, who is an extremely funny guy.

- Will Dougherty

- Casey Crawford

- Ian Douglas Terry

- Nick Allen

- Jason Miller

- 1980 Star (John Thome and Nick Rowley)

- Mike Perry

- David Venhuizen

#12 Will Dougherty

Will and I have a second conversation. The first is on his podcast How to Waste Your Life where we spoke about the local comedy scene. This time we get into some pretty dark sujbect matter; Watching people die, shock comedy, racial slurs and other light hearted faire. It was a good conversation. 

#11 Great American Desert

Zach and Max (AKA The Great American Desert) sat down to and had a conversation about music, stage persona, and even touched on some Nebraska politics. The episode is wrapped up with a performance on the unrealeased song, “Whiteclay”.

#10 Ben Gran

Zach talks to new Des Moines Comedian Ben Gran.

#9 Omaha Podcast Meet-Up

Zach headed down to the Omaha Podcast Meetup at the Slowdown with laptop in hand to record some interviews with some of the other podcasters here in Omaha. He spoke to the people from The Necronomicast, The Scurvycast, The Adam Show, Dark Wing: Dork Words and Slackerheroes.com. This was recorded in Febuary and was delayed because of things.  Give it a listen. 

Explosivo! #5
This month’s Explosivo is short because we had some comedians no-show…so if you want to do stand up at an OK Party show, come out and stick around…then hope that people flake out.

This month features:

Tony Collins

Mike Perry

Jason Miller

Preston Tompkins

Tyler Brown

Ian Douglas Terry

Tim Greenup

Zach Peterson

Souls for TIXTAX: Episode 2

We received another transmission from the cult of TixTax, this time on a cassette tape with this written on a post-it:

Sermon - Dog in a Sewer
Cysco Rep interview. 

Episode #8 - JC Morgan

Zach and Chris sit down with JC Morgan.  It is almost impossible to sum up the complete story of this interview in a few short sentences. JC has led a very rich life that has included being a comedian, winning Emmys, touring with many superstar acts like Prince, Micheal Jackson, Bon Jovi, being a magicain, and a ton of other stuff. I guess you will just have to listen. It is a good one. 

Souls for TIXTAX: Episode 1

Mid-Best received the following transmission late last night and decided to make it a new podcast:

Hello, and welcome to my Podcast! My name is Zero M. Tixtax and I am the leader of The Cult of SIPS. We are diving head first into the 21st century with a Podcast, and hope to bring an end to this planet and bath in your blood. Drop us a line!

Explosivo! #4

Every month OK Party does a live comedy show at The Slowdown in Omaha, NE.  A month later we release highlights of that show as a podcast.  It’s comedy!  Enjoy!

This month features:

Jason Miller

John Thome

Casey Crawford

Greg Jaxies

Chris Larkin

Will Dougherty

Zach Peterson

Will Meinen

Tony Bock

Bob Gurnett

Mike Perry

Explosivo! #3

Part two of our story telling show is now up, check it out!  Featuring:

Chris Larkin

Brian Santa Maria

Jim Brazda

Patrick Kinney

Tyler Brown

Mindy Bilderback

Episode #7 - New Lungs

Ian, Eric and Zach Sit down with Dmax, Fort and Corey and talk about their rock and roll band, New Lungs. There is talk of BBQ. There is talk of shotgunning beers. There is talk and talk. It is a good one. Watch out.